Monday, September 12, 2011

"No games. No politics. No delays." President Obama presents jobs bill, demands passage

Washington D.C. - Holding the actual bill in his hands, President Obama stood in front of a cross-section of Americans he says will benefit from the American Jobs Act he will submit to Congress. Continuing his challenge for Congressional action, the President restated a popular phrase from the weekend, "Pass this bill."

The President's message to Congress? Easy. "No games. No politics. No delays." Positioning himself as being on the side of the American people, President Obama repeated an approach used in last Thursday's address to a joint session of Congress by presenting the bill as a matter of priorities.

"The bottom line is, when it comes to strengthening the economy and balancing our books, we've got to decide what our priorities are. Do we keep tax loopholes for oil companies -- or do we put teachers back to work? Do we keep tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires -- or should we invest in education and technology and infrastructure, all the things that are going to help us out-innovate and out-educate and out-build other countries in the future?"

Taking the political realities of Washington gridlock into consideration, the President warned of the desire of some to let politics trump policy.

"There are some in Washington who'd rather settle our differences through politics and the elections than try to resolve them now. In fact, Joe and I, as we were walking out here, we were looking at one of the Washington newspapers and it was quoting a Republican aide saying, 'I don't know why we'd want to cooperate with Obama right now. It's not good for our politics.'"

The answer, according to the President, is for the people to raise their vocies to be heard. Before leaving, President Obama urged supporters of the bill to call their representatives to help get it passed.


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