Saturday, September 24, 2011

Live White House Feed: President Obama speaks to Congressional Black Caucus

Update I: The President's speech to the Congressional Black Caucus has concluded. The video will be posted when/if it becomes available.

Update II: The video of President Obama's speech to the CBC is posted below

Washington, D.C. - The President spoke at a gathering of the Congressional Black Caucus Saturday evening to address jobs and the need to "press on" despite the obstacles and adversaries that lay in the path to equality.

Tying the American Jobs Act to the needs of the Black community, President Obama was clear that there is much to be gained. In his speech to the Caucus the President claimed that 100,000 Black businesses and 20 million Black workers would be helped by passage of his jobs bill (presumably, these figures are estimates).

The President went further in highlighting his record on addressing Black concerns, pointing towards gains made with the help of members such as the CBC on issues ranging from education loans to health care reform.

But the President made it clear that he was not finished in his pursuit of a better, fairer society for the Black community. He challenged the CBC to continue working as well. "I don't know about you CBC," President Obama said, "but the future rewards those who press on."


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