Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Rep. Sestak, Lt. Gov. Halter make waves in Tuesday's Democratic Primaries

Joe SestakImage by Colin Purrington via Flickr
Democratic Congressman Joe Sestak defeated incumbent Senator Arlen Specter to win the Democratic Nomination for November's Pennsylvania U.S. Senate race.

Last night's results, which included wins by Tea Party endorsed Rand Paul in Kentucky's Senate race and a forced run-off by the impressive performance of Arkansas Lt. Governor Bill Halter, is being seen by some political pundits as a warning sign of voters' anger at incumbents regardless of party. However, others suspect the results have more to do with local displeasure for the incumbent candidates than any national trend.

Democrats held retained the late John Murtha's seat in the House of Representatives as Mark Critz beat Republican Tim Burns in a special election.

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